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Services That Meet Your Engineering Needs

With over 25 years of design, manufacturing and process experience, and with the use of industry leading cutting edge software like SolidEdge, FEMAP-NX Nastran, PV Elite, etc, Hyperbaric Technologies is one of the few companies offering all solutions under one roof.

Design & Engineering

Over 40 years of experience in Mechanical Design and Engineering  in conformance with international codes & standards like ASME BPV, EU PED, BS 5500. We have designed 1000+ Pressure Vessels, SPM's, Piping Accessories and many other Equipment's for a wide array of Industries.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

With state-of-the art FE Analysis Software ANSYS and FEMAP - NX NASTRAN ( NASA Structure Analysis Solver) we have expertise in obtaining numerical solutions to highly complicated stress problems. This coupled with the understanding of design codes and standards, we provide a complete solution with Design by Analysis.

3-D Modelling and Layout

We offer 3D Modelling and and Drafting Services for generating Manufacturing Drawings. Using industry leading software like SolidEdge and AutoCAD, we create accurate and precise 3D representations of equipments.

3D Modeling and Layout.png

Process Modelling and Simulation

State-of-the-art process modelling software enables us to design and engineer chemical processes and subsequently offer complete plant/process solutions.

Product Prototype Development

Prototyping enables us to develop cost effective solutions for industrial problems. We also offer wide range of proof testing equipment for fatigue testing, vacuum testing and pressure testing.

Cosmetic Oils

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

We have over two decades of experience in SCFE Process and various other separation technologies. Having processed over 3000 tons of raw materials from 225 different botanicals and cumulative extraction time exceeding 300000 hours, we have the expertise to extract the analyte of interest from natural materials. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art Supercritical Fluid Extraction Plant ( both pilot and commercial scale ), High Pressure Reactors & Autoclave, and so on. We offer R&D trials as well as contract extraction services.

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