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Process Equipment & Specialized
Pressure Vessels

Process equipment are the backbone of a wide spectrum of industries today. From food processing to oil & gas, from chemicals to pharmaceuticals, process equipment can be seen in action everywhere

  • Hyperbaric Technologies is one of the leading companies in the process equipment design and manufacturing domain, possessing in-house process design and mechanical design capabilities

  • Our design center utilizes state-of-the-art industry-leading CAD, FEA and process simulation software, backed with years of experience in this field

  • The design and manufacturing practices are strictly conforming to the latest ASME codes

  • Manufacturing workshops manned by skilled teams following stringent quality norms

  • Our expertise encompasses heat-exchangers, hot-air generators, chillers and refrigeration equipment, pressure vessels, storage tanks, cladded vessels and columns

  • Our set benchmarks in providing cost effective yet quality products enable us to compete on a global scale in the pressure vessel and process equipment domain

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