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Our Products

We Build Products That Last

Hyperbaric Technologies offers a wide range of products with applications in Process Industry, Oil & Gas, Marine & Offshore, Pharmaceutical Industry, HVAC and Food Industry.

Supercritical Extraction Plants

SCFE plants with wide range of capacities, from lab scale plants of 1 to 5 L, to commercial plants of 1000 L and higher

Cryogenic Grinding Systems

Cryogenic Grinding Systems for pulverizing sensitive, volatile and all types of natural raw materials to retain 100% naturalness prior to extraction

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy System (HBOT)

HBOT systems with 100% conformance to ASME - PVHO, ranging from Mono-place (1 Person) to Multi-place (2 to 12 Persons) capacity

Diving & Subsea Equipment

High performance decompression and recompression chambers with 100% conformance to ASME - PVHO 

High Pressure Process & Control Valves

Process Valves for applications up to 1000 bar with flow capacity up to 9000 kg/hr (Water) and material specifications SS 304, SS 316, etc.

High Pressure Autoclave & Reaction Systems

Custom made Autoclaves & Reactors from lab scale (1 L) to commercial scale (3000 L) capable of absolute vacuum

Process Equipment & 

Specialized Pressure Vessels

Wide range of equipment's encompassing Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Reactors and Autoclaves, Cladded Vessels, Distillation Columns and so on

High Pressure Pumps & Compressors

Custom designed and manufactured for pressures up to 1000 bar and flow rates up to 6000 kg/hr

High Pressure Process Piping

Custom designed and manufactured Isometric Piping for pressures up to 800 bar

Hot Air Generator

Fully Automated Hot Air Generators for Heat Duties ranging from 1,00,000 kcal/hr to 1,00,00,000 kcal/hr and Hot Air Temperature up to 600 C

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